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Chakra Jewelry and Healing - 

Want to know more about what makes you tick?  Exploring your chakras is an excellent way to begin.  Becoming aware not only of how you feel, but where in your body you are feeling it, is a skill that will benefit you as long as you live.

So often we are greatly influenced by the challenges and stressful pace of life, and it seems we end up with a jumble of feelings that leave us overwhelmed.  Learning about the chakras gives us a roadmap to our emotions.  

Chakra Jewelry is Personal

Chakra jewelry is a wonderful way to connect with your emotional energy.  Stones have their own natural vibration.  You can feel this when you hold the stone in your hand and relax, letting the stone's energy mix with your own.  Obviously, not all stones are going to have the same effect.  The chemistry and emotional make up of each person creates a unique  connection with a particular stone.  Many times during a show, I will see the same stone take on an entirely different aura depending on who is holding it.  

At Chakra Jewel, we are dedicated to creating jewelry specifically for the chakras.  The stones are always natural, never dyed or manmade.  We pair a larger, more substantial stone with a smaller stone that is complimentary.  Working exclusively in sterling silver, our designs ensure that the stones will touch the skin directly to receive maximum benefit.

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