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Welcome to Chakra Jewel. Our beautiful new website is finally up and we're having a blast sharing our jewels with everyone who visits the site. 

I'm heading to the world's largest gem and mineral show in Tucson, Arizona next week and the rocks are already calling to me. I usually go for three or four days, but this year, I'll be there for five full days!  It is a tremendous help that I am trained as a cutter and gemologist, because the amount of gemstones that are presented is simply overwhelming, even to an experienced eye. My heart beats faster just thinking about being there!  

If you've never been to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, you really ought to visit at least once in your life. There are forty or more separate shows all going on at the same time, filling up nearly every hotel, motel, convention center and conference center in the city. As if that weren't enough, huge white tents are set up in the middle of the desert filled with more gems.  Many of the shows require a resale tax license to get, but lots of them are open to the public.  Some of the shows specialize in colored stones or diamonds, while others feature products particular to Africa or Nepal or Russia. Still other shows boast mineral specimens as large as a car.  Frankly, I'd much rather have a two thousand pound boulder of delicate blue celestine or deep purple amethyst in my garage instead of my old mini van and one day, I just might.

Now that our website is live, we will be adding new jewels all the time, so please check back frequently.  If you love stones, I promise you won't be disappointed.  As always, the stones we offer are natural treasures from the earth and supplies are limited. Thanks for visiting Chakra Jewel. We love having you here with us.


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