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Another wonderful trip to Tucson will add fabulous new jewels to our collection.  Watch for faceted cubes of sparkling green amethyst with smaller green apatite,  big blue dumorterite with iolite and shimmering pink kunzite (very rare) with pink tourmaline among other new things.  With spring right around the corner, we are putting softer, lighter colors into the line.  I'm also working to add some pieces in the designer category.  For nearly a decade, I have sold designer pieces through the Denver Art Museum, Colorado School of Mines Gift Shop, Nicolasen Art Museum, The Denver Botanic Gardens Show and many other boutiques.  Now with our website, you can see our one of a kind pieces and purchase them directly through ChakraJewel.  That's it for now.  As always, thank you for visiting us at Chakrajewel. 

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