Choosing The Right Chakra Stone

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Several times a year, we participate in venues where we present Chakra Jewels in person.  These are truly exciting events!  When we first began doing this, we were quick to tell our customers all about the stones as soon as they came to our booth, but we soon found that people weren't really listening.  They simply wanted to be with the stones.  All the talking in the world could not compare with letting the stones speak for themselves.  We learned to step back and allow people to connect with the stones.  They invariably knew which one was right for them.

Healing Stones

The question we are most frequently asked is whether someone should pick a stone they think they need, or choose the one they like the most.  My first response is to ask why they are buying the jewel.  Buying jewelry to match an outfit or finding earrings to match their necklace are perfectly good reasons for making a purchase, however, choosing a stone that is for healing is an entirely different matter.  If they are looking for a healing stone, I recommend they find a quiet place inside their mind, a place that is neutral and calm, while they hold the stone in their hand.  Because they are engaging the subtle anatomy instead of the physical one, the selection process is completely intuitive.  Holding a deep red garnet feels quite different from that of a sparkling yellow citrine quartz.  There is an element of trust here.  At first there may be confusion between several stones, but by listening to their feelings and trusting in their reactions, it will become very clear which stone will help in their healing process.  There is a saying in the gem world that I firmly believe, not only because I've experienced it myself, but also because I've seen it happen hundreds of times with other people.  "You do not choose the stone, the stone chooses you."  

Stones For The Seven Chakras

Consider the complexity of our emotions.  Rarely do we feel just one emotion that is neatly wrapped in a package.  More often, our feelings are intertwined, often leaving us conflicted and overwhelmed.  Our emotions make up a system called the subtle anatomy.  In the physical anatomy, bones are connected to muscles and soft tissue.  If you break a bone, there will also be a bruise on the skin.  That sort of connection is also true of the subtle anatomy.  A person can feel happy and sad at the same time, for example, watching your adult child getting married makes you happy for them, but sad that they are all grown up.  You might end up smiling while tears are streaming down your cheeks! 

Having a stone for each of the seven chakras is a wonderful way to sort out a jumble of feelings that are coming at you all at once.  It provides the chance to untangle those emotions and look at them one at a time.   Purchasing a set of chakra jewels might be the fastest and best way to experience chakra healing. 

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