Chakra Stone Meanings Part Two - Carnelian

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Sacral Chakra Stone

Looking for a stone that will energize your sacral chakra?  I would highly recommend carnelian.  From Mandarin carnelian, which is a bright, electric orange all the way to rich tones of rusty brown, there is a wide variance in the colors of carnelian, but it is generally a shade of earthy orange.  The color orange energizes the second or sacral chakra, which focuses on our ability to feel emotion, specifically the experience of pleasure.  It is how we dance with life.  Consider the difference between bathing in a cold stream verses taking a hot shower.  Both will wash away the dirt, but one is a more pleasurable experience.  This awareness of pleasure is centered in the sacral chakra and is activated by carnelian.    

 Healing Properties of Carnelian

The deep orange color of Carnelian is highly stimulating and exciting to our senses.  Carnelian is a wonderful stone to boost energy and passion as well as sensual and sexual desires.  It is also considered a fertility stone.  When I think of carnelian, I am reminded of glowing hot coals.  This earthy orange stone gets us fired up.  Carnelian is also good for building the stamina and courage needed for defending a cause or sustaining passion for a project.  Wear a carnelian necklace and allow the energy of this orange stone to vibrate with your sense of pleasure, passion and excitement.  When exploring the emotions that are held in sacral chakra, keep in mind that pleasure can be felt in a cool drink of water on a hot day, or the beauty of a single flower.  It is not based on getting, collecting or having "more".  Carnelian's orange glow is a reminder that pleasure is not something we have to seek from the outside.  It already exists within us. 


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