Chakra Stone Meanings Part Three - Citrine

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Core Chakra Stone Meanings

    Citrine, with it's sparkling yellow color and flashes of inner light is the perfect choice for a core chakra stone.  Citrine is a member of the quartz family and in its untreated form, ranges from pale yellow to gold.  The core chakra is our personal power center and is energized by the color yellow.   Emotions that are stored in the core chakra deal primarily with confidence and fear, self determination and the absence of discipline, power and victim struggles.  In addition to citrine, there are a number of good choices for a core chakra stone that will help you focus on these issues, such as tiger eye, yellow calcite, yellow jade and yellow flourite.   

Healing Properties of Citrine For The Core Chakra
The core chakra is located in the solar plexis, pretty much in the center of our bodies.  Prana, meaning the breath of life, is essential to this chakra.  Taking a deep breath, not just into your lungs, but into the solar plexis and stomach is really helpful in overcoming nerves.  Breathing in this way gives us a sense of control when we feel overwhelmed.  One of the most powerful forms of control is the emotion of fear.  It can be a paralyzing force in our lives, blocking growth and progress in everything we think and do.  Sunny citrine inspires optimism, abundance and confidence to move beyond our fears.  It's like capturing a bit of sunlight to hold or wear, encouraging each of us to tap into our power, embrace change and move our lives in the direction of our choosing. 

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