Chakra Stone Meanings Part Five - Aquamarine

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 Throat Chakra Stone Meanings

Aquamarine is a soft shade of baby blue that has been called, crystal of the sea.  Its vibration fits well with the throat chakra.  Truth and communication are paramount to the throat chakra.  If you've ever told a lie and stumbled over your words, been tongue-tied or uttered a "Freudian slip", you've experienced the physical attributes of your throat chakra.  And what about bursting into song when you're taking a shower or driving along in your car?  Yes, we all do it, but it's not about performance for other as much as a genuine need to express the way we are feeling at the moment.  

The throat chakra calls to the artist within.  It is the goal of every artist to convey what they are feeling through their art, and when they are successful, it makes the art extremely powerful.  Whatever the chosen medium, be it dance, visual arts, singing, music, public speaking, writing, acting, etc., there is a much deeper aspect of the throat chakra that deals with finding or knowing your truth and then expressing it.  This requires self examination to know your own truth and then having the courage to express it in a creative way.  Great art can move us to tears.  During the time that I taught art to young children, I tried to impart to them that it took courage to put one's feelings into a painting or sculpture, because the rest of the world might not understand or appreciate the work.  Nonetheless, art is the honest expression of pure passion.     

Creative expression is greatly enhanced when meditating with a piece of aquamarine.  Other blue stones that work well for the throat chakra are blue chalcedony, blue lace agate, amazonite, turquoise and kyanite.    

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl.  In spite of the fact that it is a delicate, pale blue, this gorgeous crystal has great depth, inspiring calmness and clarity.  Because of this, it is a perfect throat chakra stone.  I once saw an aquamarine crystal the size of a small log and was so moved by its energy and beauty that I wanted to cry.  The price for this rare treasure was a mere $26,000 and worth every penny in my opinion. 

Aquamarine is a mental stone.  Meditating on it leads to calm deep thoughts that help you know yourself better.  I consider Aquamarine a sort of truth serum, as it seems impossible to look into this stone and not be honest.  It opens the door to clearer communications as well as our creative, expressive potential.  




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